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Your team of logistics experts

We are here to be your dedicated logistics service, helping you source as many options and rates as possible so you can make an informed decision around your shipping needs - not anyone else's.

Modern logistics


Delivering logistics services for the modern world

The decision was made from the very outset of RXI Logistics not to form alliances or agency agreements with any other company as we truly believe that remaining independent is the path to delivering the quality of service businesses need in the modern era.

Through our business model we can always give our customers a full range of services and rates based around their requirements and not those of any commercial agreements.

International Shipping

our approach

Keeping pace with an ever changing industry

The world of logistics, as everything else, is constantly changing. We are here to be your own logistics service, not the loud ticking clock, linoleum, and metal desk shipping department of yore - but a skillful dynamic group of like minded people dedicated to delivering a first-class service.

Utilising a combination of our own equipment and that of quality monitored contractors we are able to offer you the full range of logistic services by any mode of transportation. Storage requirements, packing, and fulfilment are also catered for. Not wishing to use the “one stop shop” analogy but, the fact is, that is what we offer.

Experience a better way to move your shipments.

Access a full range of independent logistics services from transportation and storage, through to packing and fulfilment.

Our Values




We know that price is not the beginning and end. Any relationship, business or personal, is built on trust, integrity, and honesty. RXI is built on all three.

Our current portfolio of customers have the knowledge that once they have booked a consignment with us it can be forgotten about, knowing they can leave the rest to our team of logistics specialists.

We will tell you when it’s collected, where it is at any time, and when it’s been delivered.

And should there be any problems along the way (rare, but they can happen) you can be certain we will tell you before your customer does!

Moving you around the world.