Case Study

Bespoke Solution to Looming Brexit Carnage

RXI Logistics
5 minutes

The client's challenge

During the run up to Brexit we were approached by a large manufacturer in the Cardiff area who had multiple customers throughout Germany and the customs element of Brexit was going to cause potential carnage with their distribution.

Their regular forwarder had basically washed their hands of any involvement saying it was up to the manufacturer to sort out any special arrangements.

We were called in to see if we could help. We were given a list of all the German clients with contact details and then set about contacting all of them one by one to see what arrangements, if any, they had for customs formalities.

Most had not given it a thought as they were under the assumption the UK supplier was going to sort it, I think that was the problem, the last minute deal that was done had given no real information to companies as to running their export/import business after deadline day.

Our solution

We arranged for 3 strategic customs agents in Germany to act on our behalf, arranged to get the required Powers of Attorney in place from all the consignees and placed them with the nearest agent.

3 had their own agents but we persuaded them to switch to our nominated agent and the result was an extremely slick operation, albeit slightly longer transit times because of the whole clearance procedure, but we notify all consignees and agents when the goods leave the UK with copies of T1 forms invoices and CMR notes so the whole process is pre advised.

Positive outcome

The manufacturer was both happy and relieved that we took responsibility for the distribution. Consignee’s and agents now have a pre alert before goods arrive and they enjoy a fully transparent process from collection to delivery with RXI Logistics not only undertaking the transportation but some of our client’s customer service duties as well.

We have mirrored this process with a number of other clients who were dis-satisfied with the lack of interest from some of the larger integrators they had been using.

This is a perfect example of our unique way of addressing problems, rolling up our sleeves, and sorting things out with genuine cost-effective solutions to problems.

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