Case Study

Eliminating Eyewatering Logistics Charges

RXI Logistics
5 minutes

The client's challenge

We are currently working with an automotive parts supplier in Hereford who has had their back against the wall because of their own supply chain issues in getting electronic ‘chips’ in.

They are under contract to deliver to an assembly plant south of Brussels 5 times a week with pre 10am deliveries.

The charges they were having to pay from their logistics partner were becoming eye wateringly expensive and they gave us a call to initially benchmark the existing carrier on the rates.

Our solution

We came to an arrangement by sitting down with them and by being completely honest in saying we had other freight going to the same approximate area at least twice weekly.

Both customers now share that truck twice a week and it saves them a substantial amount. The automotive components manufacturer was also pleasantly surprised when we were able to give them access to our GPS vehicle tracking system so they can go online and see the trucks location at any time.

Positive outcome

Again, by going that step further in listening and fully understanding exactly what the shipper is up against and by being transparent in how we do things, we are able to give our client the confidence in what we are able to achieve.

The net result being that we now carry their other exports and control the import supply chain giving them complete visibility and reliability in tracking information for the production team to further streamline their systems.

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