Case Study

Helping a Business in Need

RXI Logistics
5 minutes

The client's challenge

Sometimes when any business grows quickly, things on the logistics side can get chaotic without even being noticed.

Nobody really wants responsibility because there are other areas of a growing business that seem to need more attention. For a new start local company that reached out to us, this was definitely the case!

Their growth was rapid to say the least and it got to the stage where mistakes were being made and costs were beginning to spiral out of control. That's when they gave us a call.

Our solution

We looked at their delivery schedules and offered to take control of all outbound logistics. We organised and dealt with various suppliers for all the different aspects of the business, negotiated with parcel and pallet carriers on their behalf, and put the right systems in place for them to rationalise their distribution... all delivered for the princely sum of zero.

Positive outcome

Now they have grown further and they import and export freight to and from most of Europe by air and road which is our particular forte.

When this part of their business started I am glad to say they made a call to us and we now look after the import and export side for them too.

A fantastic result all round and doing a good turn for a company who needed help ultimately paid dividends.

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